LGA & Sitra Integration Development Events to Support Vulnerable Adults

During December 2014 and January 2015 the Local Government Association (LGA) and Sitra held a series of events to support local councils to develop integrated approaches to meeting the housing, health and care needs of vulnerable adults.

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The introduction of the Care Act provides an important opportunity to focus on the role that housing plays in the effective delivery of integrated approaches to meet the needs of vulnerable adults with health and social care needs.

Many local councils are already beginning to develop and implement innovative practice to address these challenges. At a strategic level through Health and Well Being Boards, via the Better Care Fund or through the development of effective partnership approaches between local councils, health partners, social housing providers and the private sector. 

These events gave an opportunity for colleagues in health, housing and social care to come together and disucss what is happening in their localities here and now. There were examples from areas and organsiations where intergrated working is already making a difference and participants were able to shares ideas and opportunites for where integrated working could make a real difference in the support of vulnerable adults and what is needed to enable these ideads to be put into action. 

These events included:

  • A national policy overview including the implications of the Care Act
  • Local Authorites(LA’s) where the Health and Well Being Boards, Better Care Fund and Integration Pioneers have prioritised housing within their strategic planning for adults with health and social care needs
  • LAs which are developing innovative approaches to addressing the financial and structural challenges councils are facing re providing supported accommodation and housing support for vulnerable adults
  • LAs which have effective engagement from NHS, public health and CCGs in developing innovative approaches to integrated support for adults with care and support needs
  • Workshop sessions where participants can review and discuss opportunities and risks as well as identifying ways to overcome them at local and national level

See the Presentations from these events

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