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Our work on personsalisation has resulted in us being able to share the journeys of both individuals and organisations:


Confident Commissioning for Personalisation – this was a free Sitra and DCLG event presenting a great opportunity for housing related support commissioners, contracts and monitoring officers and members of preventative services teams to come together for informative, practical, inspiring support. It offered a focus for those involved in the commissioning process to refresh and recharge their thinking about commissioning for personalisation.

Sitra – Personalisation overview

Sitra – Commissioner know how

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Community Catalysts

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Hampshire County Council

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Action planning in Cumbria: extending choice and control

Sitra was invited by Cumbria County Council to facilitate an action planning seminar on personalisation for providers of housing support. The seminar was attended by over 30 members of staff representing all the housing support providers including the council staff responsible for managing the gateway into services. A real benefit of the day was the diversity of those attending including those who worked in IT, finance, human resources, quality monitoring as well as those responsible for frontline services. The day offered the opportunity to reflect on current practices and how they could be improved to extend choice and control. The activities allowed participants to work with colleagues from different organisations but delivering the same function as well as different people from their organisations.

Key themes of the day included:

  • Providers had a good understanding of personalisation but were at different stages in terms of the changes required of them
  • There was an enthusiasm for extending choice and control but some support would be helpful
  • There are challenges in terms of the austere environment, resources available and concerns about the risks posed however a commitment to find solutions and move forward.
  • Participants welcomed the opportunity to network both with other organisations and their colleagues from other departments to move forward on this.

Positive impact presentation

Positive Impact shared their personalisation journey that has resulted in a complete transformation in their organisation.

A registered charity, Response are one of the largest providers of mental health services in the Thames Valley and keen to ensure that personalisation is one of the central tenets of it’s operations and delivery.


Family Mosaic
Family Mosaic were always driven by their customers and wanted to offer them more control and choice. One the basis of personalisation pilots they took one further step.


Pilot review publication

Home Group
Increasingly, commissioners are seeking to pay providers according to how much work they do and the outcomes they achieve. But how does Payment by Results fit with personalisation? At Home Group, Care & Support services are developing a Personsalised/Payment by Results supported model that aims to integrate personalised housing-related support within a payments by results approach.


East Thames Group
East Living provides for a varied set of customers in a defined geographical area. Working exclusively within east London & Essex, East Living has faced the challenges of personalisation through a variety of methods. With support planning & brokerage services, supported living accommodation based services, floating support and registered care services, there have been many initiatives – some successful and some less so. East Living customers have undertaken a pilot on personalisation in a dual-diagnosis, mental health supported living scheme.


Network for Change
Network for Change is a local innovative mental health project that has been working with personalised and person-centre approaches to support for over 20 years. Would you think the transition to ‘personal budgets’ would have been easy? Network for Change presented how they opened up their existing outreach services to personal budget holders and how Network for Change is looking towards developing other models for other services. The key to making it work was getting the vision right, getting the local authority up to speed and getting as many people involved in understanding the complexity of the changes and challenges that personalisation can bring, however liberating it may seem.


United Response
United Response’s journey focuses on their efforts to become a person centred organisation, one that puts people at the centre of everything they do, where all aspects of their operations are driven by the needs and aspirations of the people they support.  It is not simply about providing people with opportunities to get involved but about trying to build the purpose and focus of the organisation on the needs, wishes and aspirations of the people they support and those around them.  United Response has overcome barriers including organisational culture, existing systems and processes and challenges in the external world. Their showcase primarily focused on the second stage of efforts to become a person centred organisation including: back office functions and aspects of their operation like community.  Including their approach to risk, community: timebanking and community mapping, recruitment and quality assurance, person centred systems and processes and checking quality.


Community Catalysts
Community Catalysts believe passionately in harnessing the assets and talents of people in communities and they are working across the UK to help local people to establish tiny, local enterprises that can support other local people.Community Catalysts are able to share information about the people they are work with, the services and support they offer, the challenges they have faced in a personalised marketplace and the successes they have achieved. Community Catalysts support an agency model and can highlight how this has been a key part in developing a diverse and imaginative micro market in the areas in which they work.



Stepping Forward
Stepping Forward deliver a model of a personalised journey, demonstrated using role play, props, DVD clips and audience participation.

You tube clip

Wokingham Choice Champions
The Choice Champions scheme involves a group of social care customers with personal budgets trained to support people new to personal budgets / direct payments. The presentation covered the scheme how it works and what is involved followed by personal stories of Choice Champions about their use of personal budgets.