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Why it’s important

The national collection of housing support data:

  • lets you quickly compare information and benchmark capacity, costs, performance and outcomes;
  • helps show the impact of investment and the value for money of housing support;
  • helps the planning of investment and supports good commissioning in services for vulnerable people that meet local priorities; and
  • shows the national picture, so helps raise the profile of housing support services, including to social care and health.

How to submit the data

Submitting the data should be as straight-forward as it used to be. We’re collecting three types of data about housing-related support and preventative services: capacity of services, performance and spend. Separately, we’re collecting outcomes data directly from St Andrews University for those councils that subscribed last year.

Please submit the data by downloading the appropriate Excel spreadsheet below. There are four versions: for Excel 2003 or Excel 2007 (or later) and for either uploading SPLS reports or for manual entry. There are guides to help you do this, though it should all be pretty self-explanatory. Once you have inputted the data, you’ll be able to review the entries and make changes where, for example, information was missing from the SPLS report. You can also see how your data will be summarised in the national database. You can then submit the data to – the deadline for submission has been extended past 30 June 2013.

If responsibility for commissioning housing-related support or preventative services has been split across departments, please let those colleagues know. We’re happy to receive several responses from each authority to cover the full range of services. Our guides below have more information on this.

Guides and submission tools

Data collection overview 

SPLS upload

SPLS upload guide 

Excel 2007+ A_Sitra_Data_return_SPLS.xlsm 

Excel 2003 B_Sitra_Data_return_SPLS_03.xls (this is a zip file, if you need the unzipped file please contact us

Please note versions A and B have been updated to correct the review pages. The original version may have omitted some services from the summary. But if you’ve submitted data using the old return, all the information will still be correctly uploaded into the national database.

Manual entry upload

Manual entry upload guide 

Excel 2007+ C_Sitra_Data_return_direct.xlsm 

Excel 2003 D_Sitra_Data_return_direct_03.xls 

We’re able to send you smaller, zipped files for any of the above workbooks if you want.

Technical support

If you do have any technical questions, please call 07802 667332 or email