Lets do lunch – Building social capital for floating support clients – STEPS (East)

Name of the organisation: Steps East

Contact person:

Kate Poyser


Phone: 03001232422

Personalisation Activity:

Building clients social capital and natural circles of support

Who was involved?

Steps Staff & Clients


Clients attending clients group when asked what changed they would like from the support service asked for a lunch club or coffee morning to be able to meet other clients.

As a response we organised a ‘Lets Do Lunch’ club; the first date would be organised and funded by Family Mosaic, after this clients would facilitate the group and fund their own meals.

We liaised with a local community café who agreed to host a lunch club for Steps clients at a reduced rate.

Clients voted and agreed they would like this to happen once per month.

Time frame:

18/03/14 on-going

What evidence have you had this has improved outcomes for individuals using services?

  • Clients have feedback that they met lots of new people and are really looking forward to the next date.
  • This lunch group reduces isolation and clients have swapped phone numbers and keep in touch between groups.

How this resulted in improved outcomes for the service itself?

Clients are able to support each other informally ensuring that paid support is used as effectively as possible. This can reduce the requirement of health or social services to provide services in crisis

What challenges did the organisation face? How were these resolved?

At first clients all sat in a circle and would only talk to staff; so the staff removed themselves from the group; when we returned a few minutes later everyone was talking and laughing with each other.

Are there any resources or top tips to share?

Leave the clients together with no staff.

Get a good community venue on side; they will support clients to keep the clubs going.