Cooking with Korrie – Turner House Chapter 1

Name of the organisation: Turner House Chapter 1

Personalisation Activity:

Circles of Support:  “Cooking with Korrie”

Who was involved?

Korrie, 5 clients, staff, manager


It was identified in Korrie’s assessment  that she was a very keen cook.  She had studied catering in college, and staff observed her on many occasions, cooking fantastic meals for herself and her young daughter.  She often helped other clients to prepare meals, and was offering advice and ideas.  When the Personalisation Pilot commenced, staff and the lead client (in charge of Personalisation) held a house meeting and consultation. The concept of “Circles of Support” was presented, and Korrie was very interested in sharing her expertise in cooking.  There was a really great response from the other clients, and “Cooking with Korrie” was put into development.

Time frame:

“Cooking with Korrie” has been developed to be an ongoing activity, and Korrie has agreed to continue this activity after she moves on to independent accommodation.  The hope is that another client will be identified and trained (by Korrie) to continue along with the group.  

What evidence do you have that this resulted in improved outcomes for individuals using:

Several clients were very interested in this activity, and immediately jumped on board.  One client in particular was fairly reluctant and said that she “just can’t cook”.  She participated in the activity because of the social aspect, and actually found that she enjoyed cooking.  She was very proud of what she had done, and reported that she was going to try to substitute a ready meal with a cooked meal every week.  (she has now completed a goal within her support plan).

How this resulted in improved outcomes for the service itself.

Positive outcomes.. Goals being achieved, client engagement and involvement has improved, clients more involved in Service development and personalisation of their own support plan.

What challenges did the organisation face? How were these resolved?

Client engagement always seems to be a challenge.  It is important for staff to be aware of when clients tend to be available, and schedule accordingly.  Reminders are also very helpful to encourage clients to participate.  Within one of the client consultations, the question was asked “what is the best way to let you (clients) know what’s going on?  How would you like us to communicate with you?”  The consensus was that the clients would like to be notified by text message if they need reminding.  This has proven to be very effective.

Contact person: Nettie Louange or Malia Tenyue

Email:  or

Phone: 01424 427613