household benefit cap

The Government says it introduced the household benefit cap to:

  • Help to make the benefits system more fair and affordable
  • Ensure workless households receive no more in benefits than the average working family receives in pay
  • Provide a clear, simple message that there has to be a maximum level of financial support that claimants can expect the state to provide
  • Change attitudes and behaviour towards benefits and paid work.

The cap does not include all benefits and it does not affect all claimants. It is currently only enforced as a restriction on the help available to claimants with the cost of rented housing. But Housing Benefit paid to claimants living in ‘specified accommodation’ is ignored for the purpose of the cap.

See the Government’s information for the general public.

See Sitra’s Benefit Cap risk chart that helps you plan for the impact of the household benefit cap on your organisation and your service users

Click here for a chart showing how much Housing Benefit is available to families with different numbers of children once the other benefits covered by the cap have been taken into account.