training streams

Through a consultation with our members, we have determined the central skills and knowledge areas that are common to staff at each level across our membership. These common areas are recognised as being core to successful job performance. They denote the minimum level of skill, knowledge and understanding that practitioners need to equip themselves with, in order to maximise their effectiveness and capacity to deliver positive outcomes for clients.

Core courses recognise a comprehensive range of the legislative, regulatory, quality and practical service delivery issues that impact on individual roles and ensures that the organisation is fit for the future.

To help you to choose the course that is right for you, each course has been classified and streamed according to the type of delegate that it is aimed at. 

Please note that this is a guide to suitability only and many courses may be of interest to practitioners at different levels.

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Stream 1

Courses suitable for new workers and those who have a limited knowledge of the housing with support and care sector. You will have recently entered the sector and will need to gain understanding of principles. These courses will provide a comprehensive introduction to the role and sector.

Participants attending stream 1 courses may not operate directly within the sector, but may wish to gain an understanding of how the sector operates and the key issues that it faces. These courses may also formulate a comprehensive induction programme and can be tailored to meet the requirements of individual organisations.

Stream 2

These courses are intended for practitioners with responsibilities for day to day implementation of good quality housing related support and care services. You will be floating support workers, accommodation based staff and carers or similar.

Stream 3

These courses are suitable for those who have recently made the transition to a managerial role – a service manager or team manager, or for those who have entered the sector in a managerial position (in which case, may find some stream 1 and 2 courses suitable). You will be responsible for managing a team of frontline staff.

Stream 4

Experienced managers and those with responsibility for the strategic direction of the organisation. You will be responsible for ensuring that your service is compliant with current contractual, legislative and good practice requirements and for responding to changes in the operating environment. You may also be looking at new business opportunities.

Stream 5

These courses are intended for people in contract monitoring, commissioning or performance management roles in local authorities and other public bodies. They may be officers or managers in supporting people teams or similar.