LGA / Sitra Event Birmingham 9th December 2014

Below you will find the presentations and links to the information given in the LGA/ Sitra event: Developing integrated approaches - meeting the housing, health and care needs of vulnerable adults - Birmingham 9th December 2014

Debbie Sorkin, National Director of Systems Leadership, The Leadership Centre
Learning form Systems Leadership Approaches - Improvising the Revolution 

 Find the documents that Debbie made reference too here:-

The Revolution will be Improvised - Local Vision

Systems Leadership:Exceptional leadership for exceptional times - Synthesis Paper

Dr Adrian Phillips, Director of Public Health, Birmingham City Council
Making Every Contract Count 
Neil Tryner, Head of Business Development, Midland Heart
Angelina Novakovic /Jeremy Mason, Housing Strategy Officer, Derby City Council
Accommodation Strategy of Disabled Adults of Working Age 
John Wade, Director Bromford
Managing Scarcity or Organising Abundance 
Dave Arkle, Housing Manager, Amber Valley Borough Council
Getting Housing Heard in the Integration of Health and Social Care 

Sitra are always looking to share examples of good practice and hear about integrated working pracrices and projects. If you have a project you would be happy to share then please contact us danic@sitra.org