Here is a standard Safeguarding course description for your information. We can ensure that any in-house training is tailored to the needs of your organisation and needn’t be limited to what is described here.

Perfect for… all staff working with vulnerable adults and/or young people, to ensure that they are proactive in recognising and responding to protection issues.

Who will…

  • identify statutory requirements and relevant legislation
  • identify good practice in preventing and responding to abuse
  • recognise risk factors associated with abuse
  • reflect on their own practice and to what extent it meets and evidences the ‘safeguarding and protection from abuse’ QAF core objective
  • discuss strategies to ensure that the safeguarding requirements of the Quality Assessment Framework are fulfilled
Sitra is a member of the Housing & Safeguarding Adults Alliance 
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Sitra's In-House Training


We provide: the trainer, course notes, learning activities, certificates for every participant, evaluations and recommendations

You provide: the venue, equipment and the learners 

To find out if in-house training is right for you or for more information please contact Anna Robertson on 020 7840 4475 or

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