Managing Dangerous Behaviour

We are able to put together a number of bespoke courses to teach staff how to manage dangerious behaviour. Here is a sample course that can be tailored to your needs.

Managing Dangerous and Violent Behaviour in High Risk Clients

Perfect for… frontline workers at risk of or regularly facing aggressive and challenging behaviour. 

Participants will…

  • develop tools to asses risk and effectively manage this client
  • recognise how their own empowerment helps them to empower clients
  • identify and demonstrate effective body language, assertiveness and communication techniques
  • develop confidence and decision making skills
  • be confident in de-escalating and defusing potential threats
  • develop tools to directly deal with and manage aggression, abuse and threatening behaviour
  • learn how to use professional judgement
  • identify gaps in their support system
  • develop strategies for effective and confident implementation of organisational policies and procedures
  • recognise their own emotional needs and how to access support
  • practice self-care strategies to manage emotional needs
  • identify reflective practice tools and develop self awareness around professional practice
  • develop confidence working within the confines of professional boundaries


Sitra's In-house Training 

We provide: the trainer, course notes, learning activities, certificates for every participant, evaluations and recommendations

You provide: the venue, equipment and the learners 

To find out if in-house training is right for you or for more information please contact Anna Robertson on 020 7840 4475 or

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