erosh/sitra being a sensitive contractor training


Being a sensitive contactor training (Half day)

Sitra is working in partnership with Erosh, the national consortium for older people’s housing and support to deliver an exciting, innovative action based learning programme.

The learning programme combines the strength, knowledge and networks of the two organisations. At Sitra, we bring our unique expertise in housing related support and training, together with Erosh, the national consortium for older people’s housing and support, who champion quality housing and support for our ageing population. Erosh have produced a Being a Sensitive Contractor Guide full of practical tips in a handy, user-friendly format to help make home improvements a positive experience for older people.

To accompany the guide Sitra have developed the half day training session. Participants will have access to the latest best practice for contractors working sensitively in older people's homes in any setting. In addition to some general principles when working in anyone's home, it covers a range of age related issues.

Key Objectives

Participants will be able to: 

-       Explain many of the health and wellbeing issues that affect older people

-       Prepare in advance prior to working in people’s homes

-       Communicate sensitively with older people

-       Practice working safely and with respect in people’s homes

-       Identify the issues that may cause people to present with challenging behaviour

-       Use effective communication skills with people with challenging behaviour  

 To demonstrate to your customers that you are committed to good practice when working in older people’s homes you can also become an Erosh Approved Sensitive Contractor. To achieve this status you need to do two things: buy in the half day training session for your staff and, if you are not already, become an erosh member (if you are housing provider seeking approved status for your contracted-out contractors, both you and your contractors need to join erosh).



For further details and bookings please contact:  

 Laura Millward

 Kate Chapman