Dual Diagnosis

All of Sitra’s in-house training is tailored to the needs of the staff of the organisation. Direct communication with the trainer about your needs is key to this. Here is an example of a basic Dual Diagnosis course that we could use as a basis for discussion.

Sitra’s Dual Diagnosis training is for all staff working with clients presenting with mental health and substance misuse issues.

In the training, participants are able to

  • explore dual diagnosis as it relates to mental health and drug misuse
  • analyse the link between mental health and drug misuse
  • discuss the effects of mental health and drug misuse
  • identify key areas of risk in delivering housing and support services
  • identify good practice in communication and personal safety
    discuss the importance inter-agency working

Sitra's In-house Training 

We provide: the trainer, course notes, learning activities, certificates for every participant, evaluations and recommendations

You provide: the venue, equipment and the learners 

To find out if in-house training is right for you or for more information please contact Anna Robertson on 020 7840 4475 or annar@sitra.org

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