Recipe for Success: Garden to Grill

This Project utilises the skills and expertise of SAILS clients to produce a budget-friendly cookbook and website which can be used by individuals with different abilities. It also hopes to encourage clients to use allotments to cultivate their own fruits and vegetables.

The project will
• embed personalisation in the service by supporting clients to take on responsibility of cooking we hope this will have the outcome of increasing self esteem. 
• enable clients to develop transferable skills and experience that improve their employment prospects.
• produce something tangible in the cookbook and website encouraging others to take advantage of healthy available ingredients and produce tasty meals that will improve physical health. The budget-friendly approach will also enable clients on a limited income to live for less such those using Foodbanks.

“I believe that the work so far for Recipe for Success has been hugely satisfying. It's given me a sense of responsibility and purpose and I look forward to working on this project in the future!" (Joseph)

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