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Exempt accommodation

In September 2012 the Government announced that the housing costs of “supported exempt accommodation” would sit outside Universal Credit. Sitra tells you what being exempt/not exempt means for your organisation.

» Download our flowchart on exempt accommodation

» Read our briefing on exempt accommodation (last updated March 2014)

Latest on supported housing costs 

 » March 2014: The Government published changes to the regulation of the cost of supported housing under the The Housing Benefit and Universal Credit (Supported Accommodation) (Amendment) Regulations 2014  

Read Sitra and Homeless Link joint paper on amendments to the law as were laid before Parliament on the 20th March.   

» December 2013: Supported housing and recent benefit changes: latest news

>> December 2013: Mapping the benefit landscape

Findings from the research into the future of Housing Benefit for supported housing has been published in the December 2013 issue on Sitra Bulletin (p.4/5)

» September 2013: Extra protection from welfare reform for ‘supported housing’

» June 2013: Supported Housing/Housing Benefit Research

Sitra conducted a study to seek to identify how much supported housing is funded by Housing Benefit for people of working age in a mall sample of English local authorities. The outcome of the research was important in influencing the outcome of discussions in Whitehall about whether and how to transfer the responsibility for some or all of the cost of rented supported housing to upper-tier local authorities as part of the process of abolishing the responsibility of lower-tier authorities for administering Housing Benefit.

» 30 April 2013: DWP reassures the sector about welfare reforms Read the statement here

» 04 April 2013: Lord Freud replies to Sitra on the question of exempt accommodation read his letter and Vic Rayner's latest blog: Exempt accommodation: where are we now?