We have been with the DCLG and CapGemini to update the work to measure the financial benefits to the public purse of investing in preventative and support services.

At a national level the net overall financial benefits of investing in housing related support services is estimated at £3.41bn per annum, against a spend of £1.61bn. It is anticipated that similarly significant savings can be demonstrated at the local level.

» Financial Benefits of the Supporting People Programme 
» Financial benefits of investment in specialist housing for vulnerable and older people 
» Sustaining resettlement: the FOR-HOME study. This report is a rare piece of evidence following housing related support clients after they leave a short-term accommodation-based service 

Sitra is currently member of the advisory group of the follow-up of the For-Home Study called ‘Rebuilding lives’, conducted by King’s college. We are also involved in providing training to the interviewers on the welfare reform changes.