Safeguarding is all the preventative measures that we take to stop somebody being abused. It is everybody’s responsibility. Protection, on the other hand, is a statutory responsibility (resting with social services) to stop or limit abuse once it’s already taken place.

Safeguarding vulnerable people from abuse should be at the heart of all housing, support and care services. Regulations and quality standards govern what we do in this area, while we should also make sure that clients understand abuse and know how to raise the alarm. The Quality Assessment Framework (QAF) and Care Quality Commission are both clear that support and care organisations need to safeguard vulnerable people.

The Housing and Safeguarding Adults Alliance    safeguarding alliance

Sitra is a founding member of the The Housing and Safeguarding Adults Alliance, which brings together leading-edge housing providers to work alongside professional and trade body representatives, and our partners in adult social care and health, to encourage, assist, promote and recognise the role and contribution of the housing sector in safeguarding adults.

The Alliance have published a number of articles and resources which can all be found hereHowever key documents include



 Other Safeguarding Information

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