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One-page profiles for service users

Service users put their trust in our organisations and the services we provide. For many, these services will be good but in some circumstances they could be improved by a basic understanding of what is most important to the person. By using a One-Page Profile as a simple reminder we can help to ensure they receive the support they need in a way which meets their personal preferences. One-page profiles can help to match staff to clients and help to foster relationships between clients, making them aware of what is important to each other and the attributes they have which other people appreciate about them. One-page profiles can be the first step to a fully person-centred system for supporting clients.It provides the information to establish further conversations about what is working and not working in the person's life.

One-pages profiles for staff

One-page profiles can be used with staff, they can help to build relationships between colleagues and with the people they support by creating an understanding what is important to each other. They can help improve communication within teams and enable managers to understand how best to support team members. Additionally, if staff are to support service users to create their own one-page profile and use them to truly understand their value, then it is essential they understand the process and so they must first learn to use and create their own.