100 profiles campaign

We believe that the use of one-page profiles in supported housing will lead to a greater understanding of people's needs and much more person-centered sector. Sitra has pledged support to help introduce one-page profiles into the world of supported housing. As of a joint event, held in partnership with the national social care charity Community Integrated Care and One Page Profile pioneers - Helen Sanderson Associates on the 1st of July 2014. We have been able to identify over 10,000 one-page profiles in use within the sector. 

Below are just some examples of those already involed:

Kathleen Kelly (Joseph Rowntree Foundation - Programme Manager)                                                                        

     Kathleen Kelly - One-Page Profile                                                                                                                                                                              

                                                     Tim Kendall (TMWK - Managing Director)

Tristan Wood (Casa Support, Regional Director)Tim Kendall OnePP

Tristan Wood One Page Profile

                                               Margaret (Casa Support, Service User)

Margaret Edwards One Page Profile

Sandra Billy (Casa Support, Key Worker) 

Sandra Billy One Page Profile

                                                         Angela (Casa Support, Service User)

Angela One Page Profile

Ada Akki (Casa Support, Key Worker)

Alison Inman One Page Profile

                                          Sheryl Roddy (Casa Support, Project Manager)

Sheryl Roddy One Page Profile

L.T (Andover Mencap, Service User)

LT One Page Profile

                                                        C.W (Andover Mencap, Service User)

CW One Page Profile

"One Page Profiles give our staff a very quick and easy reminder of how we can ensure that each service user is treated as an individual." - Lisa Rogers (Quality and Performance Manager, Andover Mencap)


Jaz Reid (Look Ahead, Apprentice Support Worker)

jaz Reid

                                                                                              Thomas (Look Ahead, Support Worker)

                                       Look Ahead - Thomas - One-Page Profile

Merit (Look Ahead Support Worker)

Look Ahead - Merit One-Page Profile




                                                  Nurudeen Kareem (Look Ahead, Support Worker)

Nurudeen Kareem

Rukshanara Ali (Look Ahead, Assistant Support Worker)

Rukshanara Ali

                                                         Laura ( Look Ahead Support Worker)

Look Ahead - Laura

AA ( Look Ahead Supprt Worker)

Look Ahead AA

                                           Katie Reynolds ( Look Ahead Support Worker)

Look Ahead - KR Profile

MD (Look Ahead Support Worker)

Look Ahead - MV

                                                             MV (Look Ahead Support Wokrer)

Look Ahead - MD


Using One Page Profiles has been positive across the organisation. They are very important for relationships and mutual respect. Honestly, I can’t think of a single reason not to do it.” - Ceri Sheppard (Transformation Manager, Look Ahead)

Helen Sanderson (Helen Sanderson Associates, Chief Executive Officer)

Helen Sanderson One-page profile

                        Charlotte Sweeney (Helen Sanderson Associates, Director)

Charlotte Sweeney One-Page Profile

Ben Harrison (United Responce, Head of Housing)

Ben Harrison One Page Profile

                                                         Sharon Allen ( Skills for Care , CEO)

Sharon Allen One Page Profile

Alison Cameron (Co-Production Advisor)

Alison Cameron One Page Profile

                                                              Stanley (Riverside, Service User)

RECHG Stanley One Page Profile

Susan (Riverside, Service User)

RECHG Susan One Page Profile

Alison Inman (Chartered Institute of Housing and TPAS, Board Member)

Alison Inman One Page Profile

Andrew Van Doorn (HACT, Deputy Chief Executive)

Andrew Van Doorn One Page Profile

Paul Richards (Southdown Housing Association, Involvement Manager)

Paul Richards One Page Profile

Steve Scown (Dimensions, CEO)            Dimensions Board One PP

Steve Scown One Page Profile                             dimensions board Onepp                 

"One-page profiles have become recognisable as part of 'how things are done in Dimensions'. They are part of our recruitment process and in our services, one-page profiles have enabled us to link people with similar interests and provide truly person-centred support" - Steve Scown, (Dimensions, Chief Executive)

Carl Shaw (Dimensions, Quality Auditor)

Carl Shaw One Page Profile

Amy Butterworth (Forum Housing, Service Manger)

Amy Butterworth One Page Profile

Anne Edwards (Forum Housing, Service Manger)

Anne Edwards One Page Profile

CC (Trafford Housing Trust Support Worker

Trafford Housing Trust - CC One-page profile

LL (Trafford Housing Support Worker )

Trafford Housing Trust - LL One-page profile

MAN (Trafford Housing Support Worker)_

Trafford Housing Trust MAN OnePP

MC (Trafford Housing Trust - Support Worker)

Trafford Housing Trust - MC One-page profile

NH (Trafford Housing Trust - Support Worker)

Trafford Housing Trust - NH One-page profile

NHV (Trafford Housing Trust - Support Worker)

Trafford Housing Trust -  NHV One-page profile

OL (Trafford Housing Trust -Support Worker)

Trafford Housing Trust -  OL One-page profile

RH (Trafford Housing Trust - Support Worker)

Trafford Housing Trust -  RH One-page profile

Bernie Ahern (Casa Support, Supported Housing Officer)

Bernie Ahern One Page Profile

Earl (Service User)

Earl One Page Profile

                                                                                 Ellen (Service User)

Ellen One Page Profile

Mark (Service User)

Mark One Page Profile

                                                                                Karen (Service User)

Karen One Page Profile

Rebecca (Service User)

Rebecca One Page Profile

                                                                                   Ray (Service User)

Rays One Page Profile

Ken (Service User)

Ken One Page Profile

                                                                                 Marie (Service User)

Marie One Page Profile

Jennie (Service User, Support Team Profile)

Jennie One Page Profile

                                                                                  Paul (Service User)

Paul One Page Profile

Calum (Service User)

Calum One Page Profile

                                                                                   Len (Service User)

Len One Page Profile

United Response

United response One Page Profile                                                                                                                  

Ola Adebayo (Luton Community Housing)

Ola Adebayo One Page Profile

                     Liz Rutherfoord (SHP, Chief Executive & Sitra, Chair of Board)

Liz Rutherfoord One Page Profile

Rob Barclay (Sitra, Board Member)

Rob Barcley One Page Profile

                                                                           Vic Rayner (Sitra, CEO)

Vic Rayner one-page profile

Lisa Harrison (Sitra, Deputy CEO)

Lisa Harrison One Page Profile

                                  Dani Cohen (Sitra, Research and Policy Coordinator)

Dani Cohen One Page Profile

Sue Baxter (Sitra, Practice and Policy Officer)

Sue Baxter One-Page Profile

                                          Rose Molloy (Sitra, Practice and Policy Officer)

Rose Molloy One-Page Profile

Lana Lewis (Sitra, Business Support)

Lana Lewis One Page Profile

                                  Monica Antolin-Guerra (Sitra, Central Administrator) 

Monica Antolin-Guerra One Page Profile

Anna Robertson (Sitra, Contracts Officer) 

Anna Robertson One Page Profile

                                                 Georgina Gorton (Sitra, Business Support)

Georgina Gorton One Page Profile

Berihu Mohammed (Head of Finance and Central Services)

Berihu Mohammed One Page Profile

                                  Ray Naicker (Sitra, Finance and EU Funding Officer)

Ray Naicker One Page Profile

Sharelle Hunte (Sitra,

Sharelle Hunte One Page Profile

                                      Geni Johnson (Sitra, Policy and Research Intern) 

Geni Johnson One-Page Profile

Luke Smith (Sitra, Communications Intern)

Luke Smith One Page Profile

                                             Eddy McDowall (Sitra, Associate Consultant)

Eddy McDowall One Page ProfileSarah Clement (Consultant and Trainer)

sarah clement one page profile                     

Sheamala San Chandrasingh (Luton Community Housing)

sheamala Chandrasingh One Page Profile

Patricia Dearnaley (East Training and Consultancy)   

 Ingrid Chetram (Sitra, Associate)

Ingrid Chetram One Page Profile

Please share your own One Page Profile with us and help us encourgage others to join the campaign. Send us your completed profile for sharing, to danic@sitra.org.


Organisations that have already joined the One Page Profile challange:


Riverside Logo


Southdown Logo

             SHP LOGO

Look ahead logo Look Ahead have about 800 one-page profiles as all front line staff have one

Trafford Housing Trust is currently introducing One-Page Profiles across the organisation; staff are being trained and creating their profiles. They are being introduced slowly for residents. They currently have around 70 profiles with the aim of all 900 residents using them in the future Trafford Housing Trust

Casa Support Logo  Casa Support currently use One-Page Profiles for staff and services users in their London LD schemes which amount to 50 profiles . Staff in their HOPS schemes also have profiles and they hope to introduce them to services users too - currently 18 individuals have profiles with the hope this will eventually be over 300.


Andovermencap LogoAndover & District Mencap currently have around 32 One-page profiles for people they support; they have also pledged to introduce them across their staff and the wider membership 

Dimensions Logo Dimensions have around 8,500 One-Page Profiles; one for all staff and clients

tmwk pledged to introduce one-page profiles starting with the directors                                                                                       tmwk logo


kisharon"One of the successful uses has been in our employment service. We support people with learning difficulties into open employment, and one page profiles have been really useful in allowing us to share information about our people with their employers in a positive way." - Hadassa Kessler (Supported Living Development Manager, Kisharen) - Kisharon - use One-Page Profiles with the people they support and currently have around 50 profiles.

family mosaic


One-Page Profiles have given our customers opportunities to speak about their life and the support plan is thus recorded through their own eyes and words.  The process is more individual with discussing what is important to customers, rather than dominated by health issues and risks (Tina Edwards - Family Mosaic)





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