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Sitra is delighted to be working in collaboration with Helen Sanderson Associates to introduce the one-page profile for housing. We want to encourage our members and all Supported Housing providers to adopt the one-page profile as the first step in person-centred support.

Happy to share? Send you completed profiles to us or tell us what your organisation is doing :- and join in the conversation on twitter #onepp

What is a one-page profile?

The first step on any person-centred approach to support is to establish what is important to the individual. A one-page profile is the first step in this process and enables a person on a single piece of paper to share some key details about themselves:-

  • What people appreciate about me
  • What is important to me
  • How best to support me

Its power lies in it's simplicity and the easy way it empowers individuals to communicate important information about themselves in a clear and succinct way.

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Want to learn more about one page profiles and how you can how you can introduce them into your organisation? HSA & Sitra are continuing to work together to help you take this forward. We can offer fun, packaged, interactive days for your board, SMT, staff and/or clients. To find our more contact 

Vic Rayner - Sitra CEO & Charlotte Sweeney of Helen Sanderson Associates, launch the one-page profiles challenge at the Sitra Conference 2014

One-page profiles have been used for some time in social care and were adopted by the health sector during the inaugural NHS Change Day in 2013 when Helen Sanderson Associates made a pledge to support 1000 staff and patients in the NHS to create and use one-page profiles. The benefits for both staff and patients were clear.

Helen Sanderson Associates have established a blog site to share over 100 examples of one-page profiles and the impact they have made for their users.

In March of this year at the Sitra #changemakers conference a challenge was set. By the 1st of July 2014 Sitra would help to support and encourage the development of 100 one-page profiles in the supported housing sector.  

The results were announced at an event on the 1st of July to mark the end of the challenge, held in partnership with Community Intergrated Care and Helen Sanderson Associates, Sitra CEO Vic Rayner stated that: 

"Sitra are delighted at the way in which the supported housing sector has risen to the One Page Profile Challenge. Providers from across the country have joined us to take this important first step towards personalisation. Through this work, we have been able to identify existing excellent practice, support others to produce one page profiles and encourage a whole host of new champions who have committed to take this first step to personalisation within their organisations. As of today, we have been able to identify nearly 10,000 profiles in use within the sector!”

Read the article about our work with Community Integrated Care and Helen Sanderson Associates in the October Issue of Care Talk Magazine.  

View our One-Page Profile Gallery :-  examples from staff and colleagues here... 

However we are not finished yet! Our gallery remains open for submissions and we are still encouraging housing organisations to adopt one-page profiles as the first step towards a more person-centred sector.

Click here to find out why Ceri Sheppard from Look Ahead supports One Page Profiles 

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