Recruiting the best: Client involvement in staff recruitment

Name of the organisation: Royal Mencap

Contact person:
Tony Heffernan
Phone: 01424 858158

Personalisation Activity:
Client involvement in all aspects of staff recruitment from drawing up staff profiles to exit interviews

Who was involved?
Clients, staff and human resources department.

Clients were keen to be involved in staff recruitment for some time, however the approach was felt to be ‘ad hoc’ with regular faces appearing on interview panels.  There had been some success in schemes with clients holding informal interviews that fed into the formal process; however it was felt that a comprehensive model was required. There were two main aims of the transformation
• All clients were able to be involved and input into the process
• There were a range of different activities so clients had a choice as to the extent they wanted to be involved
The recruitment process was broken down into stages from identifying the requirement for the post, drawing up a person specification, advertising for the post, shortlisting, interviewing, communicating the decision, induction, training, probation, appraisal and exit.  Front line staff each took an area and with clients dignified a range of activities through which clients could be involved.  Examples included clients making a video called ‘our house’ to advertise the post, clients using skills jigsaws to draw up their perfect support worker etc.  Clients then would be offered choice as to their involvement at each stage of the recruitment process.

Time frame:
The process has been started and is ongoing and should inform the next round of recruitment.

What evidence have you had this has improved outcomes for individuals using services?
Clients have already been involved in this process and reported they feel that they have a voice in the kind of person who support them. It is anticipated when this is fully rolled out more clients will have control in who support them and will have a choice in how they want to be involved.

How this resulted in improved outcomes for the service itself?
The service will recruit the best person for the post and staff will have an insight into the work from recruitment stage.  Staff have been enthused and energised taking on this work as it will improve the service through client voice.

What challenges did the organisation face? How were these resolved?
This is a time consuming piece of work but what helps is breaking down the stages of recruitment and different staff being charged with each element.  It has resolved the challenge of ensuring all clients voices were heard.

Are there any resources or top tips to share?
Mind map of the different stages of recruitment and how Clients of Royal Mencap could be involved to the right of this page.