Piloting payment-by-results

DCLG is working with a number of local authorities, recognising that no system for this sector can be centrally imposed, supporting them to pilot a range of possible payment by results models. These pilots are expected to run for two years and are to be independently evaluated.

The local authorities who have volunteered to be pilots are: Cheshire West & Cheshire, Derbyshire, Islington, Kent, Lewisham, Sheffield, Southend, Stockport and Torbay. Birmingham is also involved through a group of providers lead by Midland Heart.

Sitra is involved with the pilots and other providers to ensure that we learn from experience and address the issues and risks raised by this approach. Our objective is to promote positive outcomes for clients and for those outcomes to be determined by clients themselves.

We will regularly publish articles in the Sitra Bulletin on the development of payment by results by the pilots.