The pilots

Twenty-two local authorities agreed to take part in a pilot study to help test methods for collecting national data on housing related support. The pilot has shown it is still possible to assemble and compare housing related support data. Both commissioners and providers will find even the pilot data, covering the first quarter of 2012/13, is a fascinating snapshot of what used to be the Supporting People world as it now finds itself more than a year after Supporting People funding was incorporated into Formula Grant for upper-tier local authorities.

» Read our report on the pilot national data collection 

» Pilot authorities:

Pilot authority Region Type
Bath and North East Somerset South West New unitary
Barnsley Yorkshire & Humber Metropolitan borough
Brighton and Hove South East New unitary
Bristol South West New unitary
Cheshire West & Chester North West New unitary
East Sussex South East Shire county
Hampshire South East Shire county
Liverpool North West Metropolitan borough
North Yorkshire Yorkshire & Humber Shire county
Nottingham East Midlands New unitary
Nottinghamshire East Midlands Shire county
Plymouth South West New unitary
Southampton South East New unitary
Stoke-on-Trent West Midlands New unitary
Swindon South West New unitary
Torbay South West New unitary
Wolverhampton West Midlands Metropolitan borough
York Yorkshire & Humber New unitary