housing and CCGs

Housing: Just what the doctor ordered

Sitra and NHS Alliance have published a new handbook to guide housing and housing support organisations through the process of developing new relationships with Clinical Commissioning Groups. Reference is also made to NHS providers especially General Practitioners. They deserve specific attention because many of them are unaware of the critical impact housing organisations can play in keeping their patients well.

The information and insights contained in this handbook come from several resources and reflect both the direct experiences of the authors and of people they have had contact with. some of the insights were gained with direct engagement with a number of CCGs that engaged with this project.

This report is intended to help housing organisations think strategically about how to approach their local CCG and to provide them with some detailed information on 'how to' and 'what works'. While it has been written with housing practitioners in mind, there are ideas and resources that health practitioners and CCGs to develop partnerships with the local housing associations.


nhs alliance and sitra Download - Housing: Just what the doctor ordered