The Health and Social Care Partnership's personalisation workstream was designed to assist local authorities and their key partners with the continued implementation of the Personalisation agenda.  HSCP coordinated the Transforming Adult Social Care Leads network which met regularly to provide a focus for mutual support and share developing practice. 

As part of our work with this network, we also managed the following projects and events:

  • 'My Time' programme of peer learning for Local Authority Operational Managers responsible for delivery of self-directed support
  • Commissioning for Personalisation workshop: 'The road to making it real' - took stock of the progress that had been made to adult social care over the last few years and the key issues to be addressed
  • Information and Service Quality event: 'Information - Power or Paralysis?' - explored the key issues surrounding the availability and provision of reliable information and advice on care and support
  • 'Choosing recovery' towards Personalisation in Mental Health - a resource to support local implementation

Please follow this link for more information on Personalisation and Sitra's continuing work in this area.