End of Life Care

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This project, 'an approach to localised whole systems involvement and development in support of people at End of Life', was managed by the Health and Social Care Partnership.  It was delivered to support a substantial sized 'Big Conversation' whole systems approach across the South of England through use of existing networks and groups.  The aim was to embed key End of Life and Dementia messages directly into existing local agendas and practice.

A South of England End of Life network for social care was developed to complement the work of the health based clinical networks.  The members of this network were encouraged to share examples of best practice and resources.

A bi-monthly South of England End of Life Care Network bulletin was published which was a collation of good practice examples, resources and events.

In addition to this work it was clear that there was a need for the development of a specific toolkit for sensitive informing and support for carers (formal and informal) to support good choices and adherence to plans in last hours of life.  A 'Last Hours Toolkit' is being developed as a result.  The rationale for the toolkit was presented at the Quality at End of Life Care Conference in January 2013.