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Housing related support services help vulnerable people live independently and achieve independent living. These services make a difference to the most vulnerable people’s quality of life and in their community as a whole. It is our priority to keep preventative services at the top of the political agenda and to ensure that they are valued in the governing structures of local commissioning. 

Demonstrate the value of housing and housing support to health commissioners

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» Social return on investment (SROI)

There is a range of outcomes information available to use, ranging from data via the Centre for Housing Research to qualitative client and service outcomes. Sitra has analysed the Supporting People Outcomes data to demonstrate the value of Supporting People.                                                                                                          

» In partnership with Pro Bono Economics, and building on their Critical Mass research, HomelessLink published ‘What’s It Worth?’ – a guide to financial savings analysis and how it can be used by homelessness services in a robust way

 “Being able to measure and demonstrate the difference that your service can make will enable you to present a meaningful case to clients, funders, partners, local politicians and elected representatives!” Sue Baxter, Policy  and practice officer at Sitra


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