commissioning and procurement

Today, the commissioning and procurement process of public services is facing many challenges brought about by the current climate of cuts and reduction in services. Sitra has extensive knowledge of the commissioning and procurement process for housing, care and support provision. We work actively to identify good practice in both the creative commissioning of new services, and where appropriate excellent approaches to decommissioning. Our training, support and resources around this area are wide ranging and we are always on the look out for new and interesting material to share. 


Recommissioning of housing support and care services presents many challenges for both commissioners and providers. Sitra provides advice, support and training to help all involved ensure that the process delivers positive results for service users. We can offer anything from a full provider advisor consultancy on a large scale procurement process to half day briefings on selected subjects.


Our training programme includes courses on a range of subjects designed to address the needs of those working on re-commissioning of services, drawing up and monitoring outcome focused service specifications and working with competitive procurement processes. Courses are tailored to address the priorities of the client, drawing from this range of expertise available from Sitra. In-house courses include:

  • Update on commissioning and procurement
  • Framework agreements
  • Procurement for tenants
  • Working with needs and outcomes data
  • Tendering for services
  • TUPE
  • Collaboration and consortia
  • Decommissioning

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Just what the doctor ordered: social prescribing - a guide for local authorities

The LGA published a report on 'social prescribing' on 28 May 2016. The challenge of the ageing population and supporting people with long-term conditions is one of the biggest our society faces. Chronic illnesses consume approximately 70 per cent ofthe health budget. But as there is no cure for them they require us to look beyond the traditional clinical model the NHS offers. The report argues that social prescribing could help tackle these challenges by connecting people with local community services and activities we can improve the health and wellbeing of large numbers of people. 

Dementia and housing: An assessment tool for local commissioning

Commissioned by Public Health England in partnership with Alzheimer's Society, the Local Government Association and the Housing LIN, this self-assessment tool focuses on local commissioning processes and decision-making. The main principle being applied in this tool is that all available assets and resources need to be combined, both to create the conditions that reduce the risk of developing dementia, and to develop a framework of support to help those with dementia, their families and carers, to have as good a quality of life as possible.

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