policy & good practice

Sitra carries out work on a policy level and provides specific support for individual organisations. We have provided advice, support and guidance to the sector for the last 30 years. We are regularly consulted by government departments on all aspects of supported & sheltered housing.

Sitra is also actively involved in the promotion of personalisation. Through this range of active involvement, Sitra is able to keep members abreast of best practice and our website is a rich source of information, guidance and inspiration to take providers through their journey to truly personalised services: we sat on the HACT Up2Us steering group, which ran 6 pilots focussed on personalisation in housing, care and support services.

Our endorsement of the ‘Think Local, Act Personal’ concordat, our work on ‘Right to Control’ and our involvement with the DCLG facilitated personalisation working group have equipped us to provide effective support to the sector. One-Page Profiles are often considered the first step in person centred support – Sitra has been actively involved through our ‘one page profile’ campaign to introduce them across the supported housing sector.

Sitra plays a key role in ensuring the voice of vulnerable, disadvantaged and disabled, people is heard and we work closely with policy makers to ensure this happens:

  • Sitra was a member of the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) Vulnerable and Older People Advisory Board, the London wide multiple disadvantage strategic board 
  • We are a member of the Right to Control advisory and project group. 
  • We participate in range of DCLG advisory groups for example Sitra was a member of the ‘Older People and Housing Ministerial round table’ last summer; linking the work of DCLG and DH with a variety of relevant organisations in the field and of the ‘All Party Parliamentary Group on Housing and Care for Older People’.

Sitra also benefits from the work of its members in disseminating best practice and innovation. These include:

  • Personalised planning and delivery of support services
  • Co-produced guide to welfare reform changes, intended for use by both staff and clients.
  • Collection of good practice case studies in older people's housing, such as asset-based community development, digital inclusion, and creative projects around supporting people with dementia 

We have been proactive in representing and informing the sector throughout the passage of the Care Bill, providing briefings, responding to consultations on behalf of the sector and ensuring the sector’s preparedness for its implementation.

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