Bridge Building: Understanding emerging roles connecting housing and social care

Sitra are delighted to have been commissioned by Skills for Care (the employer-led workforce development body for adult social care in England ) to explore existing, emerging and new roles that bring together housing and social care. You can help us with the survey here and be automatically entered to win 2 free Sitra Public Training places in 2014.

Skills for Care is part of the Sector Skills Council, Skills for Care and Development, who work with employers to create a fit for purpose qualifications framework and practical resources to develop the skills and knowledge of  the 1.5 million adult social care workers in England.  This project aims to identify existing and emerging roles which cross over between care and housing.

We want to explore how roles are changing – where the bringing together of housing and care responsibilities in supported accommodation and floating support services are creating new roles. We also want to know what you think the future will look like – do you anticipate that policy changes at a national or local level will create further changes in the roles or tasks that your staff are engaged in?

We are interested in all of this as we want to understand what this workforce looks like now, how the workforce is changing, and what the workforce of the future will need to know. This will help inform thinking by Skills for Care, Building Futures and organisations like Sitra as to how best to support these emerging roles.

So – what do we need from you? We would like your thoughts on these emerging roles.

We have a short online survey that we would love for you to complete if your organisation delivers Extra Care Housing: 

This information will be collated over the next two months and we will commit to keep you updated to the findings of this exciting research. All contact data and information gathered through this process will be kept for the research team within Skills for Care and Sitra. 

If you have any queries about this exciting work, please contact