The Sitra bulletin is widely recognised as a key source of technical information and policy development news throughout the supported housing sector. With a circulation of around 3,000, it is the most widely distributed specialist publication within the sector. 

2015- Issue 1

Boiler on Prescription, by Johnny Coxon

An energy saving pilot scheme being run by social business Gentoo Group, in partnership with North East Clinical Commissioning Groups, has proven it is reducing GP and outpatient appointments for the NHS.

Housing First: Eradicating homelessness in Finland, by Sari Rimonen and Taina Hytonen

Sari Timonen and Taina Hytonen from Y Foundation in Finland describes how Housing First has become a new national strategy to eliminate long-term homelessness.

Groundswell's Homeless Health Peer Advocacy, by Kate Bowgett

Groundswell's Homeless Health Peer Advocacy (HHPA) is an award-winning service supporting homeless people to access healthcare delivered by volunteers with personal experience of homelessness.

Flying the Flag for Homeless LGBTQ Youth, by Carin Tunaker

At its 40th anniversary conference, Porchlight launched a report into how hoelessness is increasingly affecting young people that identify as LGBTQ. Carin Tunaker summarises the findings of a year-long qualitative research carried out with the Unviersity of Kent.

Individual Service Funds: Making Social Care Cheaper and Better, by Steven Rose

Steven Rose, Chief Executive of Choice Support, shows that it is possible to cut costs in learning disability social care services by 30%, while simultaneously improving quality and delivering more personalised services.

Noone Turned Away, by Burcu Borysik

Sitra's Burcu Borysik reflects on the Judicial Review Proceedings R(Anon) v LB Southwark and evaluates how the recent Crisis research might help housing authorities improve the quality of their homeless advice services

Love Your Vote, by Sarah Clarke

In May people from across the UK head to polling stations to exercise their right to vote. 16 months after the launch of their Love Your Vote campaign (see Sitra November 2013) Dimensions worked towards enabling more eligible people with learning disablities to vote, writes Sarah Clarke

2014- Issue 6

Deprivation of Liberty – What providers of Housing with Support Need to Know - Rose Molloy
With the recent changes to the definitions of Deprivation of Liberty’ Rose Molloy brings some clarity to the implications for Supported Housing    

Restorative Justice – reducing the impact of crime - Michael Pearson
Michael Pearson tells us about the SIFA Fireside Restorative Justice pilot and the role the housing sector can play in crime reduction

Towards Hope - Jenny Hudson
Jenny Hudson Project Officer at 300 Voices talks about a pilot project 'Better must Come- Towards Hope' to support tell men in Birmingham living with Mental Illness.

A Workforce for the Future - Lauren Sadler
Sitra’s Lauren Salder looks at the new, emerging and changing job roles in Adult Social Care within the Extra Care Housing Sector; what are the workforce challenges?

The Skills Exchange - Kaaren Morris
In 2010 Broadway (now St Mungo's Broadway) launched a Timebanking Project called Skills Exchange. Kaaren Morris tells us more.

The Road to Implementation – Care Act 2014 - Tim Parkin
With the Care Act now Law Tim Parkin guides us down the road to implementation

A New Deal - John Wade
The Bromford Deal – where tenant and landlord work together to make things better – Director John Wade explains.

Feeling Cross and Sorting it Out - Kayley Worsley
If we want to see improved outcomes and care for people with learning disabilities what resources need to be available to support this? Dimensions Kayley Worsley enquires. 

Housing and Safeguarding - New Care Act Requirements
Sitra’s Rose Molloy takes a look at what the new Care Act Requirements mean for housing providers

Waking from a Nightmare - Geoffrey Ferres
The reality of Personal Independence Payment (PIP) tthe new disability payment, from Geoffrey Ferres


2014 - Issue 5

Inspiration from great despair  - Kirsty Telford
A report into a homelessness services study visit to the USA by St Mungo's Broadway

The Revolution will be improvised - Debbie Sorkin
Systems Leadership projects for integrated services

Building Bridges - Lynne Livsey & Alex Fleming
Housing and Health partnerships to tackle alcohol misuse 

Active Online: Digital Inclusion for older people - Helen Rowe & Kelly Klein
Using technology to tackle social isolation, illiteracy and undiagnosed dementia

Beyond Four Walls - Martin Mellors
How changing job roles can help improve client wellbeing

One Page Profiles in Casa Support
How Casa Support use One Page Profiles as part of their personalised support offer

Live Case Studies - Stephanie Hill
Sitra's fresh approach to training

When is an old tenancy new? -   Roselee Molloy
Actions when a fixed tenancy lapses into a statutory periodic tenancy

Commissioning for Choice and Control -  Burcu Borysik
Current strategies and practices in commissioning personalised housing related services

Universal Credit - Geoffrey Ferres
An update on the slow role out of Universal Credit


2014 - Issue 4

Opening doors to health - Andrew Casey
Andrew Casey, Director of Homeless Healthcare, explains how the London Homeless Discharge Network is a new set of services aiming to open doors to health for people who are homeless. 

Community Enterpreneurs - Angela Catley
Community Catalysts, Director of Operations, Angela Catley, tells us about 2 of the (mirco) community groups they have been working with.  

Closing the door on homelessness - Jo Driscoll
Jo Driscoll from Warrington Borough Council explains the innovative approach to homelessness taken in Warrington.

Sporting Memories - Tony Jameson-Allen
Tony Jameson-Allen Director of Sporting Memories Network shows the role sport can play in improving the lives of people with Dementia.

Illuminating ideas on localism in Blackpool - Paul Greenwood
Paul Greenwood, Chief Executive of Bay Housing Association looks at how local connections can help the integration of health and housing.

Money Matters - Roselee Molloy
Sitra's Policy Officer Roselee Molly describes what providers and users of housing support services should know about the new standard for National Minimum Wage.

Taking a proactive approach to telecare -  Sue Yeandle
Sue Yeandle director of Circle at the University of Leeds, discusses the importance of taking a proactive approach to telecare.

Life after housing benefit - Patrick Murray
The National Housing Federation's Patrick Murray reveals the key issues raised in their consultation looking at how housing costs for people in supported housing might be funded in the future.

2014 - Issue 3

Vibrant Communities: Transforming services through creativity - Chris Gage Chris Gage, Managing Director of Ladder to the Moon discusses how creative events help to achieve active, vibrant and personalized services.

Spice Time Credits: No More Throw Away People - David Russell
David Russell, the Head of Health and Social Care at Spice, describes how they strive to transform public services and communities in the UK by building a system of Time Credits.

Moving Towards an Older People’s Strategy - Orbit Charitable Trust
Orbit Charitable Trust report from their research exploring options for joint work between social housing providers and older people organisations to provide excellent in housing and care for the most vulnerable older people.

The Primary Care Community Link Service - Joanne Pickard
Joanne Pickard of the charity Porchlight, describes their new and exciting service working alongside GP surgeries across Kent, that aim to reduce pressure on general practitioners by addressing low level mental health needs at home.

Do we really make a difference? - John McFadyen
John McFadyen, the Director of Support of Response Organisation, discusses how Sitra consultancy helped to demonstrate the value of their intensive care services, beyond national and local targets.

Peer Courts: Restorative justice for young people by young people - Mark Walsch
Mark Walsch describes how his Winston Churchill Memorial Fellowship in the USA helped to transform criminal justice system at home.

A High Cost to Pay - Senna Eswaralingam
Senna Eswaralingam of Homeless Link’s discusses their recent research into the impact of benefit sanctions on homeless people.

Housing Benefit for supported housing: What you need to know - Geoffrey Ferres
Geoffrey Ferres of Sitra and Sue Ramsden of National Housing Federation summarise the changes introduced by the Housing Benefit and Universal Credit (Supported Housing) Regulations 2014.

2014 - Issue 2

Real London Lives - Mairéad Anne Carroll
How the new g15 project is challenging and changing the assumptions made about people who live in affordable homes by collecting and sharing their stories.

Mayday's BU Be Amazing goes international! - Joanne Sharp
Innovative new project BU Be Amazing not only delivers excellent personalised results for young people but also saves money.

The Care Bill: Making it work better - Sue Brown
How the coproduced nature of the Care Bill will enable individuals not just get by, but to live full and active lives.

One Page Profiles: Simply empowering - Helen Sanderson
Helen Sanderson, CEO of Helen Sanderson Associates shares her pledge to create one thousand one page profiles for the NHS change day and describes how this will help to improve out ability to understand what is important to someone and how best to support them.

Creating Dementia leaders in the NHS - Tim Parkin
Tim Parkin highlights a Dementia Leaders Programme which has been implemented for NHS staff in the South East.

Star Quality - Joy MacKeith
Joy MacKeith, co-Director of Triangle and co-author of the Outcome Star suite of tools explains how Triangle plans to drive up the quality of services by offering recognition of Star users who meet essential quality standards.

First Response: A one stop shop for preventative services  - Bushra Baig Daykin
How First Response helps to effectively coordinate all services through one access point.

Making change through technology - Alison Rogan
Celebrating the change makers who are delivering better outcomes through intergrated technology-enabled innovation across housing, health and social care.

2014- Issue 1

A caring future - Adam Knight-Markiegi
A look at what it means to move from housing support into personal care.

What's next for personal budgets and self-directed support? - Jamiee Lewis
With personal budgets set to become law next year there is still some way to go to make sure they offer truly personalised outcomes.

Recipe for success: From garden to grill - Ben Trowell
How a new project will deliver personalised services to achieve better and sustainable outcomes.

Creating a Dementia friendly generation - Dani Cohen
Evaluation of the significant impact Intergenerational Schools Dementia Project had in the pilot 22 schools in raising awareness around Dementia and fostering positive links between members of the community.

Homeshare: Housing for help - Laura Johnson
A simple solution to the problems of unaffordable rents and people who need a little support to remain independent in their homes.

Paramedics: New training to support vulnerable groups - Jo Thomas
Trainee paramedics are receiving specific education in the care of vulnerable people.

Who benefits from benefits? We all do - Alex Kennedy
The new campaign giving a voice to the millions of people who have needed benefits at some time in their lives.

The PIP that isn't on time - Geoffrey Ferres
A look at what has happened around the Coalition Government's "other" new benefit Personal Independence Payment. 

2013 - Issue 6

This edition of the Bulletin provided a round up and updates from some of the key articles published earlier in the year. 

2013 - Issue 5

Up2Us - Andrew van Doorn 
Andrew van Doorn from HACT and Lucie Stephens from nef reflect on the up2us project which sought to stimulate and create a space for innovation in housing care and support.

A new journey of liberation - Tina Wathern
Tina Wathern LGBT Older Person's Co-ordinator at Stonewall discusses the need to engage older LGBT groups for truly personalised housing with care.

Personalisation for providers and commissioners - Sue Baxter
Personalisation means individuals having maximum choice and control over the public services they require and commissioners, providers and service users need to work together to achieve the best results, writes Sitra’s Sue Baxter.

Skillshare week - John Bowden
John Bowden describes how Threshold’s Skillshare week helped people who are homeless to acquire skills and confidence to gain and maintain their independence.

Personalised approaches to support rough sleepers - Rachel Coffey Rachel Coffey, Research Manager at Homeless Link, discusses how services are using personalised approaches to support rough sleepers on the street.

Love your vote - Kayley Worsley Kayley Worsley PR and Communications Officer at Dimensions reports on
Dimensions’ Love Your Vote campaign that aims to change the low participation of people with learning disabilities in elections.

From thinking to doing - Andy Meakin
Andy Meakin, Sitra associate and independent consultant, discusses some of the early findings of the SP pilot PbR programme.

A country devided - Adam Night-Markiegi
We’ve already collected and published data on housing support services across England in 2012-13. Here Adam Knight-Markiegi compares data regionally.

2013 - Issue 4

Bridging the gap - Michelle Kaye and Derek HardyMichelle Kaye and Derek Hardy share their respective council’s schemes for local emergency assistance.

Socail Investment: a report from the front - Chris SeniorChris Senior, tells us about a ground-breaking initiative that is helping to fund move-on accommodation in the East Midlands.

Revealing naitonal housing support data - Adam Knight- MarkiegiAdam Knight-Markiegi reports on the national housing data for 2012-13, that
Sitra has just published.

Camden Housing First - Nicholas Pleace and Joanne BrethertonNicholas Pleace and Joanne Bretherton, from the Centre for Housing Policy at York University discuss Camden Housing First, an innovative pilot project
developed by SHP and funded by Camden Council.

ABCD working in Wandsworth - Marc Mondey Steve Goslyn shares his experience of a study tour in three Canadian cities, examining their approach to housing homeless people with complex needs.

Housing First: the first move from homelessness - Steve GoslynMarc Mordey explains how the Vintage Communities project in Wandsworth is working towards success.

Social Value Measurement: what's the big deal? - Emily Crawford
Emily Crawford from The SROI Network asks their members about the issue of social value measurement and what exactly is has meant for them so far.

A busy end to 2013 - Geoffrey Ferres Geoffrey Ferres looks at what could be in store for the rest of the year if exempt accommodation issues affect you.

2013 - Issue 3

Adult safeguarding: Engagement issues for housing providers  - Imogen Parry
A look at the difficulties housing providers can face in engaging with adult safe guarding and some possible solutions.

Why promoting independence shouldn't be the goal of housing related support - Lawrence Miller
Is independence really what is needed in housing related support?

Finding housing solutions for people with Dementia - Amy Swan
How the lives of people with dementia can be improved by specialist homes with care and support services.

Client involvement and personalisation - Kittie Vicious, Val Fowlers and Grant Nelson-Woolsey
How client involvement and personalisation have empowered clients at Southdown Housing Association.

Mapping the role of Housing Benefits - Geoffrey Ferres
A small piece of research which aims at adding up the amount of Housing Benefits being paid to claimants of working age living in supported and sheltered housing in a small sample of English local authorities.

Payment-by-results: The Marmite commissioning model - Russell Webster
Debate around the rapid changes in the way we deliver public services, especially in the criminal justice and substance misuse arenas.

Matthew Wigglesworth: His name will live on - Rachael Byrne
Colleagues at Stonham, part of Home Group, have paid tribute to a much loved and respected colleague who died last year.

Pulling together: A welfare management toolkit - Lisa Harrison
A suite of training and resources for single homeless people that will be launched this autumn.

EU Social Innovation award - Angela Catley
Angela Catley shares her thoughts about social innovation and what winning the award means for her organisation.

Technology in learning - Steven Embleton
Why the housing related support sector can benefit from e-learning.

2013 - Issue 2

Supporting People, Supporting Voluntarism? - Bert Provan
Bert Provan marks the tenth anniversary of the Supporting People programme going live.

GreenSquare's Tenancy Sustainment Team - Becky Willis
Becky Willis explans the work of her inhouse team.

Authorising Clinical Commissioning Groups: a Lay Assessor's View - Daphne Ingham
An insiders guide to the new bodies in charge of local NHS commissioning.

Power in Numbers - Adam Knigh-Markiegi
Sitra's national data collection for 2012/13.

Rebuilding Lives - Maureen Crane, Louise Joly and Jill Manthorpe
A new study of formerly homeless people five years after they were resettled.

Midland Heart Pilots Online Personalised Networks - Matthew Kemp
An innovative new partnership between Midland Heart and Tyze.

Keeping Chinese Culture Alive in Birmingham - Wyn Matthews
Sheltered services specifically for Chinese elders.

Introducing PIP - Geoffrey Ferres
Replacement of Disability Living Allowance for people aged 16 to 64.

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