New, emerging and changing job roles in adult social care within the extra care housing sector; what are the workforce challenges?

 Skills for Care                                      

Skills for Care commissioned Sitra to undertake research into the workforce needs of new, emerging and changing job roles that have a housing and social care overlap. During the summer of 2014, over 100 organisations within the extra care housing sector were surveyed and 13 ‘strategic thinkers’ across the housing sector were interviewed.

Some of our main findings were:

1. The skills and knowledge needed for ‘cross over’ roles are wide and diverse – providers acknowledged a need for guided support to identify the appropriate skills and knowledge to match these roles.

2. Guidance is needed for employers to be able to use learning that is currently available to meet the needs of this workforce - there is a need to map current and future workforce needs to current learning provision and explore new technologies to enhance training and development

3. Promotion of careers in the sector needs to be undertaken, as well as improvement with recruitment and retention by employers – staff recruitment into ‘cross over’ roles should be considered as part of the wider recruitment ‘challenge’ that social care experiences. Once recruited, employers face a challenge in retaining their employees

4. The sector is not fully aware of the impact of policy changes – the extra care housing sector needs information and advice on where policy changes such as the Care Act (2014) impacts their sector.

5. The sector does not utilise health and social care apprenticeships in a comprehensive way – there is work to be done to understand how this situation could be improved.

To learn more about our findings - and how to tackle these challenges - download the executive summary or the full report.

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