My support my plan - choice of support plan templates STEPs (East)

Name of the organisation: Steps East

Contact person: Kate Poyser


Phone: 03001232422

Personalisation Activity:

Consulting clients on the different formats STEPs East support plans are available in

Who was involved?

Staff and Steps East Clients


STEPs held two meetings where clients were asked their opinion on a range of formats Support Plans could be provided in.

First of all staff showed a traditional Support Plan document in both A4 and A3 on white and yellow paper. Clients were equally divided on their preference for A4 or A3 but most preferred yellow paper over white.

Staff then completed an exercise that involved supporting clients to build mind maps. In the first group only two clients out of the eleven attending liked this approach. At the second group all eight clients liked this format however still felt it should be attached to a traditional support plan and not a stand alone document.

Steps are now offering Support Plans in several formats to all clients but work is on-going to design a mind map version to be attached.

 There has been a marked increase in clients wanting to keep a copy of their Support Plan and requesting it in a format they prefer.

Time frame:

29.01.14 on-going

What evidence have you had this has improved outcomes for individuals using services?

The fact that more clients now want a copy of the support plan, it demonstrates it has more resonance for them, indicating a greater ownership of support. 

How this resulted in improved outcomes for the service itself?

By offering more choice over the support plan and more control over its format the service is addressing the balance of power between client and staff.

What challenges did the organisation face? How were these resolved?

Steps East need to develop a mind map programme; this will be discussed with the IT department.

Are there any resources or top tips to share?

Ensure you have examples to show clients of all the formats available.files