It's never too late to surf - Digital Inclusion - STEPs (East)

Name of the organisation: Steps East
Contact person: Kate Poyser
Phone: 03001232422
Personalisation Activity:

Digital Inclusion
Who was involved?
Customers & staff of Family Mosaic/Steps
At a client group clients asked for a computer class or lesson aimed at older people.
At this group some clients swapped telephone numbers with another client who was a retired computer teacher; they all then met on several occasions and learned how to use a computer. This built lasting friendships that have reduced isolation. These clients all lived in rural Rother where transport links are poor.

As clients asked for computer lessons aimed at older people; Family Mosaic are now providing computer lessons to Steps East clients; the courses are 8 sessions and clients work at their own speed with a tutor to learn basic computer skills. Transport, refreshments, venue and all computer equipment is provided.
Time frame:
25.07.13 on-going
What evidence have you had this has improved outcomes for individuals using services?
• Clients have reported they now feel confident using a computer
• Clients reported they felt groups aimed at older people felt more comfortable for them.
• Clients report they are using computers to bid on home move, keep in touch with support networks, for shopping and other tasks.
• Clients are less isolated.
How this resulted in improved outcomes for the service itself?
This has resulted in improved outcomes for the service as clients are able to remain independent and are not requiring services from Adult Social Care such as care packages.
What challenges did the organisation face? How were these resolved?
Transport to classes was an issue but Family Mosaic provided a budget for this.
A suitable venue was also an issue; Rother and Hastings is a large area and public transport is poor; we resolved this by booking an accessible venue near to a train station and paying travel costs.
Are there any resources or top tips to share?
Update clients throughout the organisation process; this way they know the lessons will happen even if the process takes a while to organise and they won’t lose heart or think the lessons won’t happen.