Integrated Working

This is a standard Integrated Working course description for your information - we can ensure that any in-house training is tailored to the needs of your organisation and needn’t be limited to what is described here.

This training is a must for staff where separate organisations come together to provide a holistic service or different departments are required to operate cohesively.

Participants will increase knowledge skills and confidence in the following areas

  • Understanding how integrated working can result in better outcomes
  • Whole systems approaches to customer focused services
  • Impact of collective working on individual roles and responsibilities
  • Overcoming resistance and change

Sitra's In-house Training 

We provide: the trainer, course notes, learning activities, certificates for every participant, evaluations and recommendations

You provide: the venue, equipment and the learners 

To find out if in-house training is right for you or for more information please contact Anna Robertson on 020 7793 4713 or