From Garden to Grill - Supported Accommodation Independent Living Scheme (SAILs)


Name of the organisation: Supported Accommodation Independent Living Scheme (SAILs)

Personalisation Activity:

Clients taking control and exercising more choice in preparing and cooking food in addition improving their social networks.

Who was involved?

Clients, staff, University of Brighton students and external agencies


SAILSs providers housing support through small landlord providers across the County of East Sussex. The project is co-produced by clients and staff and has a dedicated project team that uses interative project management tool ‘BaseCamp’ that all clients can contribute to. Clients are coming together to create a range of easy to read recipes that are both health and affordable.  The recipes are being featured in cook book that comprises each resident’s contribution and on a specific website SATSIG developed by clients.  SATSIG also provides updates on the project, a forum for clients to network and information about the project and other local activities. The project has also established networks of allotments where clients are supported by University of Brighton students as part of their physiotherapy qualification to grow their own produce to be used in the recipes.  The Bexhill Resource Centre (whose allotment has been brought back to life) staff are also on hand to support clients and students encouraging external users of the centre to participate.

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Time frame:

The project started in August 2013 and will run to July 2015, it is expected that the website and allotments will be ongoing.

What evidence do you have that this resulted in improved outcomes for individuals using services?

  • Clients have reported improved voice and involvement that they ‘feel listened to’. Those who are actively involved have improved their confidence and self esteem making presentations about the project to internal and external audiences, one client using new found skills to investigate setting up a wheelchair basket ball team, another now looking for work. 
  • Clients feel it has ‘sown the seeds’ to more forward’ with improving choice and control in other areas of service delivery.   
  • Clients contact each other outside of the project improving natural circles of support building on friendships made through the meetings and the website.

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How this resulted in improved outcomes for the service itself?

  • The numbers and variety of clients participating in engagement activities has improved.
  • Clients are contacting and encouraging each other to participate outside of the project evidencing a greater use of ‘non-paid’ support.
  • There is more evidence of healthy eating and client engagement in support plans.
  • The co-production of all elements of the project is dismantling the traditional professional client power imbalance.


What challenges did the organisation face? How were these resolved?

The service is geographically dispersed so it has been difficult to bring people together however SATSIG and the interactive project management tool has greatly improved  engagement plus having meetings in different locations.

Initial enthusiasm has sometimes been difficult to translate into reality but initial successes of the project are changing the mind sets of all demonstrating that ‘stepping outside comfort zones’ leads to a better service


Are there any resources you are able to share? 

Contact person: Ben Trowell Supported Accommodation Officer


Phone: 01323 747415, ext 47069

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