Who Are You? - Flexible Use of One Page Profiles

Name of the organisation: Southdown Housing Association

Contact person:Paul Richards

Email: p.richards@southdownhousing.org

Phone: 01273 405800

Personalisation Activity:

Clients and staff using one page profiles to recruit a Service User Involvement Worker at Southdown.

Who was involved?

The panel was made up of Paul Richards (Involvement Manager), Kittie Vicious (our Quality Coordinator) and a former client (who is also one of our Quality Consultants leading on peer-led reviews of our services).


Southdown wanted to see how One Page Profiles could be used as part of the interview process to find the right kind of worker for our team. All candidates were asked to prepare their One Page Profiles and present these informally at the start of the interview. The idea being we really wanted to find out what made the candidates tick before asking them some set questions.

We also exchanged our own One Page Profiles as part of the exercise.

Time frame:

We’ve tried it in one round of interviewing and will definitely do it again.


What evidence have you had this has improved outcomes for individuals using services?

In this particular round of recruitment we didn’t actually find anyone who we thought would be suitable for the post we were filling. However, we didn’t look on that as a failure, and found the use of One Page Profiles to actually be really helpful in supporting us to come to our decision about whether candidates were suitable for the post. The client we were working with on the day was extremely positive about them too and saw the value in developing their use in this way.

How this resulted in improved outcomes for the service itself?

We are confident it will result in us finding a really great person to work with us on our team supporting User Involvement across the organisation.

What challenges did the organisation face? How were these resolved?

We didn’t face any challenges, as a team we decided we’d give it a try and the whole team immediately bought in to the idea.

Are there any resources or top tips to share?

We made sure we shared all the great online resources with candidates so they were well prepared and also talked to staff and clients about what we were doing and why.

It was also a nice ice-breaker to start the interviews off with.