Service Design, Development & Evaluation

Service Review and Evaluation

Sitra has a wealth of experience in evaluating services. With our knowledge of best practice, we can help you demonstrate your value - in financial, social and strategic terms.  Our strength lies in our inclusion service users’ voices to evidence the value of your services from a client’s perspective - and in harnessing the voice of experts by experience.

We can look at the effectiveness of your services and identify areas of improvement. We have worked with both commissioners and service providers, and the reviews we conduct are wide ranging. They include

  • Internal review of specific services to identify areas for improvement
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Social Return on Investment (SROI)
  • Review of service performance for commissioners
  • Independent review after a serious incident
  • Validation of service quality against regulatory or contractual standards, for example the Quality Assessment Framework (QAF) or Care Quality Commission (CQC) standards) and making recommendations for improvement
for example
  1. We worked with a specialist mental health supported housing provider to evaluate their service: ‘Are We Really Making a Difference?’ The services were evaluated against a range of measures including outcomes, customer survey and, working with an external service user group, peer review.  As a result the provider was able to engage effectively with the commissioner around service designation and also to take a more objective view of its approaches to mental health
  2. We conducted a review for a London borough, looking at the outcomes achieved in Housing Related Support services and the extent to which clients maintain these outcomes 6-12 months after leaving. This review applied a wide range of measures to test this – using a social return on investment (SROI) tool to understand the achievement from the client and their close networks, 1:1 interviews with clients, interviews with support providers and commissioners across the borough and finished with a cost benefit analysis to demonstrate savings to the public purse of investment in Housing Related Support services.
  3. A recent project reviewed the commissioning of services. We took a step back from the day to day delivery of services and asked how services might be commissioned in the future with specific reference to alignment with the wider shared strategic aims of the borough and looking at news ways of working. Again this review involved working closely with commissioners, providers, service users and other key stakeholders such as probation.
  4. We worked with a Housing Association to demonstrate the value of their sheltered housing services and the benefits of the service to not only to the clients but also to their family and close networks and the wider community

Service Design & Development

We work closely with providers and commissioners incorporate new ways of working (such as restructure for example), implementing new models of service (e.g. new models of support planning) and incorporating new areas of business into a client’s portfolio. We can help you set up new services, move into care services or de-register care services to move them to supported living models.

for example
  1. We recently helpd a London-based Registered provider move into care.  The client hitherto had no care services within its portfolio and we worked with them closely over months to set up the internal processes required – from HR to finance, from management to supplies, to ensure the smooth integration of the care service at the point of takeover.
  2. We helped a new charity to develop a supported living scheme. New to the sector, they commissioned Sitra to advise, guide and support them through every step of the process of designing the new service, including staffing levels, budgeting, liaison with the local authority, finding  a partner managing agent and governance for the Board of Trustees
  3. We conducted a study for a London borough to evaluate their current response service to their sheltered tenants, researching other models of service delivery across the country and exampling good practice.  The study culminated in an options appraisal offering the authority a range of ways in which they could deliver this service into the future that meets the needs of their customers, the needs of the wider community, is cost effective (or ideally even income generating) and meets the Council’s duties under the new Care Act.


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