seed funding for transformative change

Do you want to create change in your community or organisation but don't know how?
Use seed funding to support innovation and change!

Sitra and Community Catalysts CIC have come together to offer you their combined expertise, experience and resources.

Let us help you nurture creativity and seed transformation where you need it most, be it in your organisation, your sector, your services or your community. Tackle wicked problems in your services or community by driving innovation and creating the conditions for real change.

We can help you to use small investments to create big returns through seed funding innovative projects. And we can support organisations in receipt of these funds to make the most of this investment and meet their goals. Start to finish support for the length of the project is available. We can support organisations to manage a bursary project.

We can help you nurture co-design and co-production, build capacity and resilience, invest in culture change, reward imagination and creativity and meet local priorities.

Create the space to innovate, co-produce, take risks, find out what's effective and what adds value

 Core activities for seed funding for innovation:

  • Publicise your project
  • Create engagement opportunities
  • Support applicants to conceive projects
  • Support applicants to plan and apply for seed funding
  • Support and coach funded projects
  • Baseline review and final evaluation to show distance travelled
  • Knowledge sharing and peer network

 Optional services:

  • Project design
  • Facilitation of Steering Group
  • Capturing stories
  • SROI or other tailored measurement tools
  • Interim and final reports
  • Production of toolkits or detailed materials
  • Events such as launch, or celebration events

Contact Sitra or Community Catalysts for a free consultation - we can discuss the scope and structure of a project and ways to take it forward.

If the stick ain't working,
it's time to go for the carrot!