Desktop review

Sitra consultancy can carry out systematic reviews of

  • National and local policies, procedures, demographics and existing services
  • Strategies impacted as a result of any known future policy changes
  • Models for service provision and partnerships for providers

Qualitative research

Sitra consultancy delivers high quality and in-depth qualitative studies, revealing range of perceptions, experiences and behaviours of individuals with reference to housing, care and health. We specialise in key informant interviews and focus groups. Our wide reaching network across sectors enable us  efficiently access to a variety of stakeholders and effectively carry out research.

Peer led research

Peer led research adopts a bottom up approach, bringing the lived experience of people who have used similar services in the past into the subject being researched. Peer researchers, who share common experiences and a common language, enable research to be conducted in a sensitive and informed manner, open up honest conversations in the experiences of people who use your services, and improve the accuracy of the results otherwise would have been obtained through traditional methods.

Quantitative Research 

Access to meaningful data on the provision of housing related support is valued by commissioners, providers, clients and policy makers. It supports decision making on investment in preventative services and enables a range of stakeholders to monitor and measure the impact of those services.

 Sitra Consultancy can help you

  • Assess the changing needs and vulnerabilities among your tenants, understand the projections of need  and facilitate planning for future projects, and develop a strategy to better support them
  • Review your client records data help by St Andrews University, compare this with other housing support services across England 
  • Compare performance data among your services and with other services nationally
  • Evaluate your value for money offer by comparing housing and support costs of your services in your region
  • Examine data on the housing stocks, waiting lists and implications for allocations and visualise clusters of need
  • Review how you currently collect data, understand what it tells you about clients and performance and the best ways to collect and report on data in future.
  • Run workshops with your strategic, policy and monitoring staff to assess how you currently collect data, how well you’re geared up for the future and the different options available.