Making the Connection

Sitra is pleased to offer a suite of organisational development approaches for housing organisations to position themselves in the fast changing landscape of housing, health and adult social care.

These are challenging times for housing-related support providers, with many experiencing reduced funding for services. To survive and grow organisations need to understand their environment and gain a clear sense of direction and purpose.

Housing has now been recognised in policy terms as a key part of the overall health and social care system, as we can see from the guidance for the Care Act 2014. But there is still work to be done to translate this understanding into support and investment on the ground.

Sitra can help you:

  • Identify how your services align with the needs of commissioners
  • Learn how national policies integrating housing, health and social care are implemented in your locality
  • Demonstrate your effectiveness on ASC and health drivers on prevention and personalisation
  • Identify and address gaps between your current offering and what will be required in the future

Would one of the following approaches work for you?

Health and Social Care Ready Audit  This rapid appraisal is designed to provide you with a snapshot of the Adult Social Care and Health environment you operate, with the opportunities this presents and the challenges your organisation faces. Sitra will meet with up to three of your senior managers or board members for a semi-structured interview using our unique diagnostic tools to examine the options for your organisation. This will result in a report with recommendations for organisational change and external engagement, highlighting ways forward. Price: £1250 + VAT *

Prescription for Change  With a focus on organisational development, we increase your understanding of the current NHS and Adult Social Care landscape, and their implications for your organisation and services. We will engage with up to ten staff – from Manager to Board level – in an interactive workshop, and build an understanding of where your organisation sits in relation to this, followed by a gap analysis. 

Information from the session can then be used to create a report with recommendations – or the group can create this resource themselves, through a facilitated action planning session. Price £1500 + VAT *

Getting on Board  This training develops an understanding of Health and Adult Social Care, to allow your organisation to move successfully into these arenas. For managers with external facing roles, these highly interactive sessions provide information and resources to help them engage locally and identify and pursue business opportunities for your organisation.

Training communicates the key elements of the emerging Health and Adult Social Care landscape, works with participants to define the relevance of their services to commissioners and to build their ability to engage with commissioners and promote these services. Price from £1250 + VAT *

Contact or 020 7793 4710

* Prices subject to change and relateto the scale of services provided.

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