Housing and Health

Housing and Health

Housing has an important contribution to make in achieving a person-centred health and social care system. Housing needs to establish a dialogue and a shared understanding with health - but without conscious effort, it can all too easily find itself left on the margins.

Sitra leads the way with ‘Making the Connection’, advice and guidance designed to help housing organisations navigate through a changing health care landscape - and identify challenges and opportunities.

In 2014, Sitra integrated the Health & Social Care Partnership within its portfolio. A key element of HSCP’s work was to promote the integration of social care and health. Working with these health and social care specialists, Making the Connection offers a programme of information sharing and facilitation and includes:

Sitra can provide consultancy in this area to your organisation, using the knowledge, expertise and networks of both Sitra and its health and social care associates.

Recent projects include the

  • Dementia Leaders Programme – a series of dementia training programmes to establish a group of qualified dementia leaders in community and acute settings who will cascade the knowledge gained throughout their organisations leading to improved care for people with dementia
  • Intergenerational schools project - part of the Prime Minister’s Dementia Challenge to increase awareness of dementia amongst school children and onward into the community.  This project was launched nationwide and been received well by the media and the sector
  • Support to Carers- We have worked on a range of projects to promote and support the needs of carers including, facilitating the National Carer network, providing hands-on support in bringing the information on their web site up to date and to manage the Carer Chat Forum and Twitter. 
  • We supported the Surrey review of carers services and were actively involved in the End of Life Care (EoL) Carer sub group SC SHA, identifying good practice and gaps in service, including developing an action plan for the improvement of pre and post death support for carers.


If you would like to discuss your requirements, then please contact a Contracts Officer via consultancy@sitra.org or by telephoning our offices

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